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Reviewing The Reviewers

Let me begin by saying I love all the people who take the time to review my book. When you consider all the other things there are to do in the world. Pinterest, Facebook, check your Tweet hits, go shopping, read another book, watch TV, it is an endless list. I am very guilty of not writing enough reviews.

Bit of a disclosure here….. my book is not about Mother Theresa, or anyone who found a cure for cancer. The title is a dead give-away it’s about Sexwork. Inevitable, you will find a few “raunchy” bits within the covers.

In the opening page of my book I discuss, the use of a pseudonym. It is at t5he request of my family members privacy. Also, I have an occupation now that would probably frown of my previous occupation. Not sure that equates to my being ashamed of my past? That aside did she really believe that sex-workers have a “Stricktly no Married Men Policy”? Once again, we do not get up every morning thumb through the yellow pages looking for men to visit us. They seek us out. I can honestly say I have never forced myself an any married man.

5 My issue with this review is that I don’t think that they have even read the book. Now surly that must be an obligation to anyone chosing to write a review? For if Jarrad had he would know that my partner did not hang himself. He would also know that in fact I paid ample Tax, I simply resented doing so when the laws at the time, were designed to increase tax revenue, at the expense of sexworker safety. Let’s not go into his spelling errors.

review-3Wow clearly a Belle De Jour fan. My only issue here is that my book was written before Belle wrote her book. Also I was asked on two occasions to create a Belle De Jour Down Under TV series, which I publicly declined. Because I felt that it mis-represented the industry.

Contrary to SkinnyAli we have….


Now our Mr Dissappointed, states that I am making up the entire story because I am to well written to ever have been a sexworker. I just don’t know where to start there! People don’t get tested in high-school, yup 85 IQ, sexworker it is for you I’m afraid. Like any industry you will have an intelligence spectrum. I will also add that being able to turn a good phase in no way reflects a persons intelligence.


  • Facts:
  • My daughter’s father had schizophrenia.
  • He killed his parents
  • He was jailed in a mental health prison for 6 years.
  • We lived 6000 km away from his hospital.
  • The moment he was released she started communicating with him.
  • Six months later he killed himself (not by hanging)

Please tell me, Arwen in your experience how I should have encouraged more visitation between my 7 year old and her homocidal-schizophrenic father during his incarceration in the mental health unit? How would a check-out opperator tackle that sticky problem, or an accountand, or is it just us Hooker’s who keep our children distant until the psychiatrist’s advise?

My point is these reviews affect not only sales of the book, (least of my concerns) but the perception of the profession in general. I have not included many other critical reviews, that found my writing style boring, perhaps it is I’m no Sylvia Plath.

We are all unique in why we chose to read a book and how we then perceive it. I will however argue that subject bias is a pre-determinant to how we judge the characters. My dear friend wrote an amazing book; Hammered: Memoir of an Addict by Geoff Brown (Goodreads Author) he agrees that the comments he recieve often are a reflection on the subject matter and not the book itself. (No way you could hate his book, it is brilliant)

I was a prostitute, I fucked people for money, if this topic upsets you I suggest you read Pride & Prejudice. No hang on that is where you get a wife based on the pooled assets you will have as a result of the union. Try To Kill a Mockingbird, there are rapists and liars in that book too, so just be warned. My favourite book… Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Süskind, John E. Woods (Translator). Does not mean that I condone killing women, I simply thought it was a great yarn and well writen. It was entertaining. Which is exactly what I good book should be.


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