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Email to my husband

I have missed you so much while you have been away, I can’t wait for you to get home Friday.

So I decided to rent us a room in a little place called Shag Town.

It has awesome reviews; in fact over 20,000 satisfied customers have left 7/10 stars or greater. Views and scenery are meant to be amazing, from the front, I hear that the rear is mountainous. Plus the room rate comes with an all you can eat buffet.

There is tons of stuff we can do according to the website. Luckily the weather is meant to be warm this weekend so you don’t need to pack many clothes.

I know you are worried about our budget, so believe me when I tell you the room rate is extremely reasonable.

Love, love, love you my darling.

Your flight lands at 7:30, and I want to go straight there when you get home.


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