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Humbled By a Book Review…. Thanks @marissatjoegito

[Book Review] Eve – Memoirs of an International Sex Worker

asdjakdaBy : Marissa Tjoegito (@marissatjoegito)

To be honest, I applaud people who bravery to put pen to paper and expose themselves to the entire world especially for those exposing prostitution. Then after finishing this book, I feel compelled to write a review. There are things in this book that I was able to constantly read simply because the emotional and psychology aspects of the story really drew me in… and I was very wrapped up in Annika’s life story.

It gave a smart, sharp, and a very-detail explanation about a true survivor in a socially unacceptable profession. Annika’s life is certainly an achievement and this story is such an honest account of her. Throughout the story I was imagined about Ben, how he was so important and want to know more the complete picture of him. However, there is a happy ending, new love is very addicting to be a witness of — Annika eventually found true love.

IMG_3929I think to write a well-written book it not only has to be consisted of well-structured prose, but also has to have a good line and an emotional interface with the reader. The true strength of these books is the revelation and honesty while explaining the innards of the sex industry and the life of a sex worker in modern day Australia in a very entertaining manner. This book will keep you on your toes as you try to understand all those sex workers and their exposure in a hush hush world. Believe it or not, it taught us that in a various situations and problems requiring a quick on-the-spot action and thinking.

I was attached within the first few pages of the book. The writing style flows very nicely. It so felt realistic and inspirational and kept my interest from page to page so much that I literally couldn’t put that book down or stop thinking about the story line when I wasn’t reading. I loved the excitement and danger throughout the story as well as the insight to the psychological aspects and all those tormented life-love-story.
I would recommend this book to the opened-eye reader!

ISBN: 9789814423991

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