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Former Sexworker; You Must Have Issues…


You Have Issues

If I had a dollar for every time have heard that! Yet I still don’t understand it’s significance.

Is it not akin to saying the sun is hot, or those flowers are beautiful? I have loads of issues, don’t we all? I simply do not believe that I have any more issues than any other individual.

After reading my book, people write to me… “I really do hope you find some peace with your past”.

As MC Hammer says let’s break it on down: My Issues, here are the things that give me the shits, and make me retreat to my happy place (anywhere with a book).

  • People who start sentences with “look” or “as a matter of fact”, just reeks of arrogance.
  • Badly behaved children.
  • People who check their social media while talking to you.
  • Cats
  • Bullshit bureaucracy
  • Long queues at the supermarket
  • Moaning poms, who complain about the heat, and how they can’t find a decent pub.
  • Shallow girls who are incapable of thinking outside of fashion and relationships.
  • Religion
  • People who are always talking but never have a fucking point.
  • Immigrants who come here but only ever eat their national dishes. For Christ sake try lasagne it’s bloody delicious.
  • Parents who cut the crusts of bread for their kids.
  • The fear mongering of shows like A Current Affair, 60 Minutes and Today Tonight.
  • People who wear make-up to a pool party, then refuse to get their hair wet.
  • People who say, “trust me I know what I’m talking about I read an article on the internet. “
  • No doubt many more.

All of MY issues have zero to do with my former occupation, and everything to do with my personality, the aging process and my culture.

Sexwork and mental health do not go hand in hand, they are rarely synonymous. I do thank everyone for their kind wishes, but I am pretty sane and genuinely happy within myself. I do have moments of insanity where I have full on conversations in my head. I regularly do things that my husband says are crazy, but this comes from a man who writes holiday agendas with daily budget extrapolations attached, and emails them to the kids.

Some days the world does get on top of me, some days I feel like I’m ruling the world I’m so happy (not in a bi-polar sort of way). I am human in that way.

I ask for no sympathy, or prayers. Indeed my obstacles in life were many and today I can proudly say I overcame them all.

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