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Heart Warming Letter

Subject: Mattress Actress

Dear  Annika
I’ve just finished reading your book. I’m a 53 year old man with 3 kids living in England.
At the beginning I was horrified by the lack of love, trust and affection that you describe and the prevalence of this amongst the other working girls in your story. It is truly horrifying, the idea that after the work you put in for the family, that your own parents would not trust you. I cannot imagine what that would be like.
Your determination at a young age was astonishing. It clearly lead you to a very risky route, because the impression I got was that you could easily have been killed on 3 or more occasions. You were perhaps smarter than most, but also very lucky. As are we, because had you been killed, it would have been one more statistic instead of your excellent book.
(NB I’d highly recommend Wasted by Marya Hornbacher which is an excellent book about bulimia, anorexia and later mental illness. She is another strong woman who has come through a very difficult life and now creates wonderful writing. Her later books are great to, but its best to read them in order.)
Toward the end of the book I was thinking (with you in the narrative) about the difficulty of getting out of the life you were in and into a “normal” (what is normal – really!) relationship.
You faced the hypocrisy of men around desiring sex, someone to play to act, to be available, but at the same time thinking it is indecent unacceptable. I think that our society in which long term monogamous relationships to serve as secure bases for growing families, has built up mores around promiscuous single women, that they are dangerous. It’s easy to see the logic of this: disease, “fatherless” children and jealousy to name a few reasons. But as you say in your last chapter, better health control, better contraception and stronger protection for women’s rights have removed a number of the issues. That of sex-less marriages is a bigger problem and one people find hard to address as you point out in your great “dialogue on the doorstep” with Stuart’s wife.
Getting out of “the game” and living a “normal” life must have required immense courage from you and your husband. I’m very pleased you made it work.
Still that’s enough wittering.  I’d love to hear your views, if you have time to reply.
Name withheld

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I don’t know what to say in response. You are complimentary, astute, and compassionate in your assessment of my book.
Today my life it wonderful, that is not to say it is always easy. still fight nightmares and anxiety, but I believe we all have our crosses to bear.
Thank you for taking the time to write to me. It is always nice to get a letter of kindness, rather than the oblititory, blah, blah, husband bothering whore emails.
For more of my writings feel free to visit my website…
With respect
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