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No condom please.

20140809_FBC102Dirty bastard I decided to share this image from my website because I get about four of these such enquiries a day.
I welcome discussion on this request. Because from my way of thinking, for there even to be the question there must be someone offering this service.
Bigger question….. who would take the risk and pay for the privilege?

It seems this is not a local issue but a global one, as the attached graph indicates. Swapping fluids will cost on average an extra $50.

(Research conducted by http://www.economist.com/news/briefing/21611074-how-new-technology-shaking-up-oldest-business-more-bang-your-buck)


 Absolutely CRAZY!!!!!!

What are your thoughts?

Responses have been mixed…..

This makes me so upset and frustrated.  I cant believe there are grown men who are so ignorant of sexual health matters, or blatantly stupid enough to take the chance.

Dont even get me started about how i feel about sex workers who provide bare back services ( BBBJ included).  This activity contributes to an unsafe environment for all service providers.  Im gonna get some angry orange envelopes for that one, but its what i believe.

Then an alternative perspective……

If personal protection and health always came first, you wouldn’t be having sex at all. Even with a condom sex comes with risks to your health and safety. Everyone has to find the risk/reward balance that works for them, and if condoms provide so much for you at so little cost then you’re lucky to have that luxury, and I don’t begrude you taking advantage of it.

But why should people comfortable with a different level of risk have to conform to your standard? Especially in the example of this post, someone who isn’t trying to manipulate someone into compromising their own standards, but is looking for someone whose level of acceptable risk is par with their own, why should what level of risk you are comfortable with matter at all?

‘Blatantly stupid’? Have you looked at what the actual risks are?


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