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Calling Ewan McGregor…….


Dear Ewan McGregor,

Yesterday my husband told me that he is going fishing for 3 weeks. He told me to be good while he was gone, and I said, “yeh but that doesn’t include Ewan McGregor right?”. Then he said “ok, fine if Ewan McGregor comes to town, makes contact with you, invites you to a romantic diner, far too may libations are consumed and you accidentally wake up in bed with him then I will over look this one occasion”.

So he will be gone from the 24th of April for three weeks.

I look forward to hearing from you on annikacleeve@gmail.com

Annika Cleeve

Infamous Author

Ewan McGregor Response

Dear Annika,

I was so excited to hear your husband is out of town and that you managed to get a celebrity fidelity free pass.

I am a massive fan of your book, in fact I have read it fifty times. Sometimes when I’m alone I picture myself being that guy in in chapter seventeen joining you in a threesome.

My dreams would be complete if I could play the role of Ben in the movie Mattress Actress, I just don’t know how I would go playing a 21 year old Asian man?

I am dying to meet you, and dine with you, and explore that creative mind of yours. It is my ultimate fantasy to lock ourselves away in a five star hotel room for the weekend, you be Princess Leia and I of course will be Luke Skywalker and we can play light saver until the sun rises. I will seduce you like you have never been seduced before.

So until we meet on the 24th I send you my warmest wishes, you sexy beast.

Your sincere fidelity free pass

Not Ewan McGregor

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