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I’m A Muse…….

I thoroughly enjoyed your book. I am especially glad you survived the trials and tribulations with such a great attitude and that all is well now. I must say I used you as a muse for one of my characters in my novel Just One More… coming out in April. If you like I can send you a complimentary copy-you can review it if you wish or just keep it and try to figure out who I gave some of your character traits.
Thanks for introducing me to your great book.
I have posted at Amazon and BN the following:
Smart, poignant, well written, and humorous yet self-deprecating-I enjoyed every page. Annika pulled back the mysterious red curtain and invited her readers into the strange (no different) world of sex professionals. This wonderful book tells it like it is and does not glamorize the work, but gives a glimpse of how and why the girls may be there. In fact, it presents the trials and tribulations in a realistic and down to earth manner.
An honest revelation of a sex worker that really makes you think.
Perhaps the best part is the final outcome of the long arduous journey Annika undertakes from her early youth to adulthood and motherhood.
No worries-no spoiler alerts needed-just read the book and enjoy a fascinating read!
I wish you all the best
Sam Hendricks
PS If you ever make it to Cambridge or Bury St Edmunds England let me know if you would like to do lunch or a coffee.

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