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Annika’s Prime-Ministerial Acceptance Speech

Dear Citizens of New Australia
What you want is frequently at odds with what is right thus not all change will please everyone but hopefully we are doing what is right for my new nation.
thank you all for having the foresight and confidence to elect me your Supreme Commander and Queen of this new nation.

New laws to be put into place within the first 100 days of my term
* all pedifiles with be transferred to Christmas Island, that way illegal immigrants will never want to try to get on illegal boats to get there.
* all products of procreation are to be licenced, you will need to go through strict testing before you can obtain a vile of your personal sample saved in kryobanks.
All Alzheimer’s patients will be euthanised if they can offer no more useful purpose.
Unemployed persons, will be given hard labour on our roads or public works (lazy little fuckers)
All individuals who believe in an invisible deity who walks on water, converts water to wine but fails to stop natural disasters will be required to work on Christmas Island as prison guards, or any far off barren island for that matter.
Anyone with exposed butt crack will be fined $2000 for visual pollution.
Drugs are no longer illegal, that should put a few dealers out of a quid, now you go to your gp and providing you have met your 30 hour work week obligation you can have your script filled.
our government is anti-tax, which is the policy we campaigned for. I intend to stand by this promise as you are my witnesses. So I am cutting income tax immediately . I will however be initiating a new levy on all wages. This is not to be confused with a tax, a tax is a tax while a levy is not a tax it is clearly different.
As i promised as part of my election policy, i am now making the GST a thing of the past, once again a sincere example of my war on tax. Beginning the 1st of October we will be commencing our Duty upon delivery or DUD fee on all purchases.

We are aliminating the stamp dudy on home purchases, we beIeve in the Australian dream. Instead our Cfo is intrducing a residance Tariff, once again not to be confused with a tax.
From now on, call out fees from trades men are banned, lets face it its a bullshit fee. Your going to rip people off once you get there anyway.
I screamed long and loud on Education, I find teenagers an ignorant painful lot
Learning is no longer compulsory, it is a privalidge. If you choose not to learn, you will be given a job in the military. I promised that there would be no education cuts so….. No education cuts there will be, instead we are not closing Rockingham High we are just moving it to Joondalup.

We are turning a new page in Australian history, so thank you for electing me to run this new thief dorm.
Queen Annika

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