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A Male Perspective of Mattress Actress

Hi Annika… I thought I should write and tell you what I thought of the book. I’d Left it at work when I went on holidays and started when I got back. I skimmed it quickly before getting ready to start and I didn’t like what I read. Not because it was bad, far from it, but because it worried me that there were too many truths in it! So I put it away… Anyway three weeks ago my friend introduced me to one of her close friends and she mentioned that she liked the book and some their girlfriends had also read it. I thought I’d better “bite the bullet” and read it(took me a weekend)! F$#@! Am I know better than any of the other guys around? Thought I was but I can’t see anything that redeems me from all the other “johns” on the street(or any male for that matter). Opened my eyes and now I wonder what to really believe(that’s for me and my journey). But its’ a great book and I really liked it! Would have liked to have had it expanded more in some of the later chapters but it was enough as it was. I also gave my friend another book called “Men in love” by Nancy Friday. She has written a few books both about men and women. I’m not saying this book gives more insight but has some interesting points of view, I must admit that I was turned off by some of the things she wrote. I gave my friend your book to open her mind and eyes and not her legs.. I now have to ask her what she thought, as she’s never said much about it, to be honest I didn’t want to pry but I think I need to so I know what she is thinking.. Annika…. Thank you for writing your story and letting me read it!
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