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My True Identity

For those who haven’t read Mattress Actress, visited my website www.annikacleeve.com, heard me on the radio, seen me on channel 10 or read my various published articles in major newspapers and magazines, I write about my life getting into the sex industry, living in the sex industry and getting out of the sex industry. Long sentence but here goes another…… the book relays my experiences with clients, madams, rampant sexual abuse in the 80’s and the misogyny of the times, who and why girls work in the industry, sexual requests and peccadillos, my first love and ultimate death of my childhood sweetheart the father of my daughter, murders, corruption, the various tiers of the sex industry from street girls to high class international jet setter, the ever changing face of ‘normal’ sex over a twenty year period and ultimately leaving the industry for good. I give away 35 transparent years of my life but reserve my most resent years (the happiest of my entire life) for myself.
This is not my decision, but that of my families. While my husband and daughter are proud of my writing, they have asked to remain anonymous. A request I fully understand and am happy to comply with. God knows loving me requires an amazing amount of strength and understanding, I would grant them any request they wanted be it in my power to comply with. Thus I have made no secret that I write under a pseudonym, there are few images of me available and I refuse to answer questions that could expose my true identity and then inadvertently my family’s identity. My question is ….Why should I? The book is topical enough without exposing me directly as who I became.
Today I am a boring house wife, who is madly in love with the sexiest man alive; my husband (Ewen McGregor is the exception). I work, I cook, I even fish, I fail to go to the gym but hold a membership just the same, I call the monthly deduction a fat tax. I am still passionately dedicated to any and all mental health causes out of respect for my dearest fallen Ben. I am an avid reader and diarist. But that my friends that is all you need to know about modern day Annika. If that is insufficient I’m sorry.
Back in the day when I lived in Perth, it was never a buzzing metropolis of activity, there were few Anglo-Aussie working girls with one child who attended university by day. So I am rife for exposure as it is, let alone signalling out my exact age, field of study, the year I threw in the towel, Poppy’s current age or how many years I’ve been married. Instead; Let’s talk about the industry? Or…. Let’s Talk About The Book!

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