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Prostitution: Right or Wrong?

Prostitution, why does it upset us so?
1. The practice or occupation of engaging in sex with someone for payment.
2. The corrupt use of one’s talents or opinion for personal or financial gain.
Sex-workers are overtly resented or hated the world over. Yet is remains a thriving industry in every corner of the globe.
Few admit to using the services, and even fewer admit to practising prostitution publically.
Let’s have a litmus test/quiz on issues surrounding the values attached to the oldest profession and multi-billion dollar industry.
If I were to claim to have had sex with 12 strange men yesterday for no personal gain, would I be perceived more or less moral than a sex-worker?
If I except free drinks at a bar from a man who is obviously attracted to me but I have no sexual interest in am I prostituting myself?
If you stay married to man you despise because you can’t afford to divorce are you prostituting yourself? All the while maintaining the status-quo, Sunday morning romp.
If you flirt with your motor mechanic, to obtain a discount are you prostituting yourself? All the while knowing that never in a million years would you be sexually attracted to him.
Prostitution is not as clear cut as we would like to think.
I clearly recall meeting a man through a friend, his led me to believe he was single. After a few dates I let him into my heart and bed. Immediately thereafter he told me that he was married. I would argue that he obtained sex under false pretences. Had I known the truth I would never have let him have sex with me. In my opinion sex obtained under false pretences is akin to rape. Wouldn’t it have been preferable to utilise the services of a sex-worker for anonymous sex; where all the parameters are known in advance. Where all health, emotional boundaries and contraceptive considerations are closely monitored and adhered to advance.
Universally sex-workers are negatively judged, they are tarred with the same brush as on a good day second hand car-dealers or on a bad day drug dealers. I was so frequently asked……”How can you so brazenly sell your body? “
To which I would correct their vernacular with “I only rent my body, it is not for sale”. Arguably this is a semantic debate, but still a good one. I can donate blood, bone marrow, eggs, any organ after my death. I can give away a kidney, I can even rent out my womb but God forbid I rent out my vagina.
Interestingly a lesser moral hatred is reserved for sex-workers who define themselves as “escorts”. Somehow if there is an element of seduction involved and some scintillating conversation is thrown in it is less objectionable. Try it yourself, google images, “prostitute” then try “call girl”. The differences are amazing.
So where does this resentment and prejudice stem from. Is it an opportunity to view ourselves as morally superior? More likely the answer lies in the notion of sexual promiscuity that stems back to our primary school days, and the indoctrination we received from our parents about being a “good girl”. Remember back, if you French kissed a boy in year 5 you were a slut. But by year 7, everyone was doing it, so the slut label shifted to those girls who let a boy touch them “down there”. By year 8 there was a new definition, but one constant remained, if you did none of the above you were a “good girl”. The good girls always reserved their hatred the sluts, while the boyfriend was obviously an innocent victim of this horney vixen.
Eventually as adults the definitions changed again, good girls also had sex, just not as much, or perhaps, they were better at playing hard to get. But those girls who really enjoyed sex, and worse still openly admitted to loving sex, well those girls really were sluts. Slut’s inevitably grew-up to become prostitutes while good girls got married.

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