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How To Be A Pro

Sex work is much like any job, you have good days and bad days. You have to suck it up when your boss yells at you, because to do otherwise could mean the loss of your job. That is a professional response to a professional situation.

Some days while I was working I wished there was a camera and microphone in my brain to hear what Annika said as opposed to what Cleo said.

Client: “So what do you enjoy, Cleo?

Annika: “Money, and lots of it.”

Cleo: “Hey my job is to please you, what do you enjoy, how can I spoil you?”

Client: “No, I want to please you. What do you enjoy?

Annika: “Sex workers are a lot like real women you fuck-wit, boob nibbles and a good head-job, plus that way I don’t have to listen to anymore of your stupid questions.”

Cleo: “I love giving head, would that be ok?”

Cleo: “So you’re an accountant, that must be interesting?”

Annika: “Poor bastard was born without a personality.”

Client: “Sounds like you were enjoying that Cleo?”

Annika “If I say yes will you stop nibbling on my like a fucking puppy attacking a sock? Let’s get this over with.”

Cleo: “Yes indeed, I’m spent, get inside me now.”

I charge extra for stockings and suspenders but no extra for stay up stockings. Those bastards take ages to get on and off so it takes an additional 10 mins in-between clients that I’m not earning money.

This principle extends to showering with clients. Mess my hair and I am going to charge you for an additional 30 mins to re-tame it.

While all this may sound cold and calculated, it is a business. I’ve seen girls not charge sports stars. In my experience, the client will never return if you don’t charge him (and trust me, a guy in his physical peak should be charged double). The same girls that are proud to scream, “I just shagged the recent Brownlow Winner” are not business women.

Sometimes you just want to scream at a client, but you want his $300 to return every week, so if that means biting your tongue clear through you do it.

Perhaps his wife is a domineering ball-buster, and in order to perform he needs to feel superior? Perhaps he in in an unimportant job, and part of his fantasy is to be able to buy and sell people, albeit for an hour. This makes him feel powerful. My job is to submit to his fantasy. Within reason

Not all clients stirred up my anger and frustration. A number of clients elicited my sympathy. They had no desire to be there but their options were limited. Their
fantasy of choice was simply intimacy and affection, because at home they had partners who were incapacitated. These clients resented having to use the service
and always left feeling guilty.

The stories of wheelchair bound wives, who were left with no feeling from the chest down or other such diseases that left their loving partners unable to make love
always bought a tear to my eye.

There were clients who were widowers, who refused to move on or commence a new loving relationship. Thus visiting me was the obvious alternative. These
sessions generally involved 5 minutes of sex and 55 minutes of reminiscing about lost love.

This is what it means to be a Mattress Actress – to be whatever the audience requires. To push down your real feelings deep inside, and to perform – to be a pro.
A professional.

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