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Welcome to the official website for Annika Cleeve and her book “Mattress Actress”. In South East Asia Mattress Actress is called Eve: Memoirs of an International Sex Worker.

As far from a misery memoir as you can get

Annika Cleve has led an unusual life: she was a sex worker for 18 years starting at an innocent fifteen . In this refreshing memoir, the truth about the world’s oldest profession – from clients to parlour bosses; rip-off merchants to drug deaths; corrupt police to exotic travel – is told with warmth, humour and hope. Best of all, Annika’s story involves an exit strategy that involved not a man on a white steed, but a university education.


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April 2015

Review by B. Anon

Memoirs of an International Sex Worker
Annika Cleeve
I am not much of a reader but when you go on a relaxing holiday i decided to take some books. So after finishing 3 books in 10 days i was needing some new material. I went into a book store in Ubud, Bali in search of the American Sniper ( which i found ) and I stumbled across your book ‘Eve’

Well i was gripped immediately and I’m nearly finished. I read a book similar not that call long about Kate Holden a St Kilda prostitute in Melbourne but i have found your book so much more enjoyable. I find thay your not vuglar in your description of things sexuality related. There are small snippets of humour.

I’m definitely going to read more of your work.

Your a fighter in life and not scared of hard work.


This may not have been the most complimentary review I have ever had but his comments came just at the perfect moment to make my day and lift my spirits. Annika